Speaker Bio: Guy Caruso

Throughout the next month, we will feature bios and session descriptions from our great line-up of presenters for the 5th Annual PEAL Conference on Inclusion. We hope you start preparing your questions and get ready for a great discussion from leaders in the field! Read more about the conference and register here.

Guy Caruso, Ph.D., Institute on Disabilities at Temple University

Guy received a B.S. in psychology from Union College and a MS and Ph.D. from Syracuse University, where he studied with Dr. Wolf Wolfensberger, author of the Principle of Normalization/Social Role Valorization, a theory to help people with disabilities gain valued roles in life. He is Western Coordinator for the Institute on Disabilities at Temple University, Pennsylvania’s University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities Education, Research, and Service. Part of his work is providing technical assistance to the Independent Monitoring for Quality Program (IM4Q), a state funded and statewide program where 6000+ interviews are conducted by people with disabilities, family members and interested others to discover how people interviewed want to improve their life. Guy has worked in human services for 40 years in institutional and community settings and in a number of capacities – director, advocate, teacher, trainer, researcher, evaluator, and founder of values-based training groups. He has worked in ARCs, private rehabilitation, schools, universities, as a consultant to state developmental disability offices and provider agencies in the US/Canada, and as a consulting expert for court cases regarding institutions. Much of his work has been with families and people with disabilities using person centered approaches in helping them plan their futures. He has been associated with L’Arche, citizen advocacy, self advocacy, and Partners in Policy Making. Guy is the father of six children – five sons and a daughter. He and his wife, Mary Jo, live outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Session 8, April 11, 10:30 a.m.: Obtaining the Good Things in Life Begins with Relationships
One of the ways to obtain the “good things in life” is to have a variety of meaningful relationships. This presentation will explore how families can assist their child to have the opportunity for and to develop relationships.

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